Welcome to the Snyder Gun Club

It is the mission of Snyder Gun Club to provide its members access to quality hunting and fishing acreage where they can safely enjoy their hunting experience and at the same time contribute to the preservation of game-bird habitat.

The centerpiece to our property is 410 acres of property (the "Vancil property") located in Morgan County, Colorado ¦ one hours drive from Denver.

The Club purchased this property, which is considered by many to provide the best duck hunting in Colorado, in 2005. Since acquiring this property we have, in conjunction with the US Department of Wildlife, built clay dikes that will increase the number of ponds on the property to eight. Currently, and scheduled for completion in 2008, we have the following projects underway:

  • Installation of a 3,000 square foot hunting lodge
  • Installation of a water distribution system
  • Installation of a water aeration system that will keep selected ponds open through the winter months

The following artist rendering shows the property with planned improvements and its position in relationship to Vancil Reservoir.

Vancil Property Map
Vancil Property
Vancil Property Lodge Rendering
The lodge will be finished for the 2008 hunting season.

In addition to our "Vancil" property it is our intention to acquire, either through ownership or long term leases, a network of quality game-bird hunting acreage. We will not acquire acreage just for the sake of being able to promote a total acreage number. We are only interested in PRIME PROPERTIES and plan on limiting the number of members to insure that we fulfill our MISSION STATEMENT.